Our Goal:  

Our approach to wedding photography is to record the events of your wedding day in a manner that is fun and creative. Your photographs should capture your unique personality and every nuance of your wedding experience. That day will go by so quickly, but your photographs will be a lasting memory for you and your loved ones to treasure for the rest of your lives. Our objective is to create what is for many couples their first family heirloom: The wedding album. We believe that your photographs should not end up lost in a pile of dusty CD's or on a thumb drive in a drawer somewhere - never (or rarely) to be seen again. As technology marches on, who knows if these storage media will even be accessible in the future? We know for certain that with a little care, your album of carefully curated photographs will endure for generations to come.  

Wedding Packages:

We offer three wedding packages, starting at $1000. These provide your best value. We are certainly willing to give you a quote for any customization that you desire.






* All prices subject to NM sales tax of 7.5%


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