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Family Photography

Thank you for considering me as your photographer. I feel very strongly about my clients feeling comfortable in their photographs. So, I take the time to make sure that you feel genuinely relaxed. When I photograph your family, I will start with with some posed and directed activities designed to elicit spontaneous smiles, giggles and emotion. I'll also capture the mishaps that occur along the way. Many times, the mishaps turn out to be the most authentic images. Every family has it's own dynamics and I endeavor to capture those interactions in a manner that is fun, bright and artistic. Photography is so much more than just taking pictures. Photographs are often the only tangible memory you will have of a loved one; a moment frozen in time. Skillfully composed photographs will bring back the joy, love, humor, tears, and happiness which you experienced with your family. 

Natural light can be beautiful, but there are times when it isn’t. I don't like to be limited, so I create my own light when necessary. Off camera lighting allows me to make my images more dynamic, dramatic, and flattering. Our mastery of natural light and flash photography will ensure that we capture your family's every beautiful moment and nuance exhibited at your portrait session. 

I love working with my families and I consider all of them friends by the end of their session. it is a joy to working with families who value photography and the process: Families who understand that it is pointless to take photos only to leave them on a flash drive or DVD, lost in a dusty drawer. Ultimately, the images we capture and create will be a lasting memory for you to treasure for a lifetime, several lifetimes, actually, since your album and/or wall art will be passed down to your children and grandchildren one day.

Some of the families I have had the pleasure to photograph:

Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.
— Lisa Weedn